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Trust Me, Things Really Don't Have To Be So Complicated

So I’ve attended a few conferences and seminars recently. A few things I’ve noticed at these events, or when just meeting/networking with people, is that many people needlessly complicate things.


They tend to use a lot of big words, fancy diagrams, complex methods, matrixes and models. In most cases, I find it unnecessary and believe the same point(s) could have been made in a much simpler way. It seems too many people and organizations are suffering from “Rube Goldberg Syndrome”.

[NOTE: Rube Goldberg is the inspiration for various international competitions, which challenge participants to make a complicated machine to perform a simple task. And many are doing just that.]

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Let the Young Man Take Care of the Old Man

I received this pearl of wisdom second-hand some years ago.  A millionaire associate who was a few years older than me, told me that a millionaire who was many years older than him, gave him this advice.


The younger millionaire was telling me that when he first started making a lot of money in his 20s, he wasn't doing much saving or investing.  Instead he was living a rich lifestyle, spending his money on the typical toys and material things we see so many young people buying.

That's when he came across the older millionaire, who decided to mentor him and stop him from making costly mistakes which would haunt him in his later years.


He stated the elder let him know that although it might seem fun to have all the fancy cars, clothes and gadgets, he would come to regret it later in life when he'd be stuck working into his golden years because he didn't have enough (if anything at all) to enjoy them.

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Cut Your Costs and Spending by Creating an Expense Management Plan

A major step in achieving financial freedom is cutting costs and managing expenses. It’s important to understand how an expense differs from debt.


I define debt as money you already owe someone else. An expense, on the other hand, is money that you will pay someone else in the future. This is a crucial distinction to understand. To give you an example, let’s take paying for your monthly electricity bill. When you receive your bill, it usually comes before the due date. That makes your electricity bill an EXPENSE (for now) because you will pay it by the due date (let’s say the 15th). Now, if the 16th of the month comes and you haven’t paid that bill, it becomes DEBT because you now owe it to the electric company.

A good way to think of it is this:

  • Expenses get paid forward
  • Debt gets paid backward

Because of this, I don’t classify expenses as good or bad. Instead, I like to think of expenses as necessary or unnecessary.

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A Simple Formula on How to Attain Financial Freedom

After several years of research, reading all types of money making books, investing in all types of business opportunities, Gina and I realized a simple way that’s helped many people become financially free.

I won’t pretend that I have the magic formula that will: make you $100,000 in 3 minutes while you sit on the couch, or allow you to retire next week without ever leaving the house! I’m not saying that folks who sell those programs are lying because I haven’t done them all, but years ago, I tried a couple of them and let’s just say the only thing that happened while I sat on the couch was I made an imprint!

Let’s face it: If you truly want to get rich & achieve financial independence, it’s going to take some work! However, if I told you

that you could become rich and increase your net worth (regardless of how much money you currently make) by using a tried and true formula that consists of 3 simple steps, would you believe me? Well you should, because it works!

How do I know? Because We Have Used This Formula to Continually Increase Our Net Worth Over the Past 14 years!

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What's the Plan?

So it’s getting close to time to replace the vehicle. What is the game plan?

Like many individuals, I don’t look forward to the time when it’s necessary to replace a vehicle. A recent trip to the mechanic came back with the diagnosis of the car as “needing some tender, loving care”.

We’re prepared to provide the care it needs for now while coming up with the plan to purchase another debt free vehicle. Therefore, it’s time to decide:

  • how aggressive the budget will need to be based on our timeline
  • what type and class of vehicle will satisfy us both
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Money and Marriage

You’ve said “I do “. Married the one of your dreams. Now let’s talk about OUR money.

Approximately 65% of married couples combine their incomes. About 35% do not.

Sometimes our mate has a money personality different from our own. This can cause unpleasantness surrounding a very important aspect of our marriage: Our Money!! So what do we do to get on the same page?

Free spirited individuals are authentic to themselves and the world around them. Oftentimes, the need to reel them in is mandatory. These individuals can spend, spend, spend and/or give, give, give.

Savers, on the other hand, still need to be reminded that life is a gift meant to be enjoyed. It’s OK to enjoy life.

Sometimes it’s about the experience of the day, not the premium price tag for the day! Example: I am fully aware of the premium cost of goodies when going out to the movies. However, we all enjoy having a good time so I won’t let it bug me.

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